Journal Articles

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· Sanabria P. (2018) Public Service Motivation and Job Sector Choice: Evidence from Colombia. International Journal of Public Administration. DOI: 10.1080/01900692.2017.1320409 41 (13). pp 1107-1118. [Ungated WP Version]
· Sanabria, P. (2016) Public Affairs Education in Latin America: Emulation or Identity?  Policy & Society (with Nadia Rubaii & Gabriel Purón)
·Sanabria, P. (2016) Independent Professional Bureaucracies and Corruption: Evidence from Latin America.  Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. (with Laura Langbein)
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Sanabria, P. (2015) Decentralization and Intergovernmental Relations in Colombia: Topics for a State Still in Quest of Structure and CapacityHemisphere Florida International University (FIU).
· P. Sanabria (2013) The Shape of Corruption: Colombia as a Case Study Journal of Development Studies (ISSN 0022-0388) 49 (11), pp. 1-1513. (with Laura Langbein)


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